Remote Control Demolition Robots

Remote Control Demolition Robots – Newcastle Cut N Drill

Remote control demolition robots do the demolition work when it’s simply too difficult and too dangerous. Hazardous environments are not a problem. Neither are confined spaces.


At Newcastle Cut N Drill, our remote-controlled DXR 300 robot guarantees both safety and results. This robot is a star performer—incredibly functional design and amazing power-to-weight ratio. With 22KW of power, it punches well above its weight.


The DXR 300 is electric driven and strong on manoeuverability, stability, and safety. We can send it to perform tasks too dangerous for contractors to attempt and it will never complain.

Robot To The Rescue

When conditions make demolition hazardous, call for our DXR 300 remote control robot. It’s compact, efficient, and sturdy. 


It makes sense to send in the robots. The DXR 300 is light weight and powerful. With its remote electronic operation, it also features numerous attachments. It can be used to accomplish any demolition job.


Our remote control demolition robots can break down walls, penetrate hard surfaces, and complete any type of demolition.

Safety In Robots

While our robots are efficient and powerful—digging, shovelling, crushing, breaking—it is the safety aspect that makes all the difference.


Once the robots are on the job, there’s no need for humans to get physically involved in working those dangerous areas and confined spaces.


Get in touch with us today at Newcastle Cut N Drill, and discover how our DXR 300 robots can do your work for you.

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