DXR 300 Robot – Newcastle Cut N Drill

DXR 300 Robot

Remote controlled DXR 300 allows confined space access, promotes safety and increases efficiency in concrete demolition.

Demolishing concrete is hard, time consuming and potentially dangerous work regardless of jobsite conditions. The DXR 300 is the ultimate piece of machinery for the best safety and results in this line of work. They are electric driven run on tracks are remote controlled, light weight and have a hydraulically powered breakers, crushers, drum rollers, steel shears and buckets for any concrete demolition or confined space excavation.


Confined Space

The DXR 300 robot is the ultimate machine for confined or tight spaces being only 780mm wide and 2metres long, Driven by electric motors and remote operated.

All of Newcastle Cut N Drill’s operators are confined space trained.


Remote controlled demolition

Our DXR 300 robot is remote controlled eliminating the risk of operators being in the line of fire or operating plant in high risk demolition areas.


Concrete Demolition (Silent)

Our DXR 300 is a cut above the rest when it comes to concrete demolition specialising in silent demolition utilising the DCR 300 crushing jaws which are equivalent to a 12t excavator the SB302 breaker is also equivalent to a 12t excavator perfect for hammering suspended slabs, Staircases etc  


Pool Demolition

Newcastle Cut N Drill specialise in any type of pool demolition or removal concrete or fibreglass.


Cut & Remove

Newcastle Cut N Drill can cut, remove and recycle any concrete.

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