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Concrete Cut & Remove – Newcastle Cut N Drill

Our concrete cut and remove services at Newcastle Cut N Drill are the product of more than 30 years of experience.


Our operators are fully trained and ticketed. Using our well-maintained machinery, they can achieve consistently excellent results with our affordable cut and remove services.


We provide cut and remove services for commercial, industrial and residential projects, using the latest tools and techniques—from core drilling and concrete cutting to road sawing, hand sawing, wire sawing and more.


You’ll be re-using your existing space in quick time after our team has cut and removed unwanted concrete at your premises. We can cut new doors and windows in concrete panels and, by removing sections of concrete, open up otherwise cramped spaces and form garden beds in previously paved areas.

Safer Cut and Remove Services

We use a range of heavy-duty concrete saws to cut concrete into manageable pieces, ready for immediate removal. Our clean-up work also includes proper removal of concrete slurry.


Our cut and remove services are completed while observing all relevant safety measures and environmental considerations.


We have the skilled labour and equipment to tackle jobs of any size, at any time. We show up on time and complete our concrete cutting and removal services thoroughly and efficiently.


You’ll have no reasons to doubt our formidable reputation as an industry leader in handling all forms of concrete cutting and demolition.


Call Newcastle Cut N Drill today to arrange cut and removal of concrete at your site.

The Right Solution for Every Project

Our focus on innovation and sourcing the highest-quality equipment makes it possible for us to tackle jobs of every size, regardless of complexity.


This, combined with our experienced contractors, will ensure that your concret cut and remove project will be completed efficiently, without a hitch.


If you’re looking to have your project finished within your specified timeframe and budget, don’t hesitate to call the skilled team at Newcastle Cut N Drill.

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