Confined Space Demolition/Excavation

Confined Space Demolition & Excavation

When it comes to confined space demolition work, size matters. For our DXR 300, a remote-controlled demolition robot that measures just 2 metres in length and 780 mm in width, it’s “Game On”.


Remote operated and driven by electric motors, our DXR 300 robot is the ultimate machine for tight spaces… easily getting into places that would be too risky for humans.


The robot won’t tire and will get the job done quickly and thoroughly. Importantly, personnel won’t need to get physically involved. Even while the demolition work is proceeding, your site won’t be running any safety risks.

Staff for Confined Space Demolition & Excavation

While our DXR 300 remote control demolition robot is the best option for confined space demolition and excavation, pairing it with our experienced operators takes the whole operation up a notch.


All of our team members are trained and certified in confined space work. We follow all safety recommendations and procedures to the letter.

Safer Confined Space Demolition and Excavation

In the past, contractors risked their safety entering confined spaces to complete demolition and excavation. Thankfully, technology has evolved and these challenges can be overcome in more efficient and safer ways.

Our state-of-the-art DXR 300 remote-controlled robots are only one milestone along the way for us at Newcastle Cut N Drill. We are committed to keeping up with the latest innovations and technology in our industry.

Get in touch today and find out how our technology can make a difference in your next project.

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