Joint Sealing

Joint Sealing – Newcastle Cut N Drill

Joint sealing involves using a soft material that accommodates the expansion and contraction of concrete. minimises the infiltration of water into concrete.


Particularly important in areas where cars, trucks, and forklifts are continually driving, joint sealant helps stop pressure cracks from developing and also prevents debris and liquids from filling the join and causing other problems.


Control joints allow for concrete expansion and contraction during moisture and temperature changes. With control joints in place, the concrete slab is well-prepared against cracks due to such changes.


Joint sealer looks good and improves the durability and increases the longevity of the concrete.


Joint sealant bonds to the concrete so it’s important the joint is dry and free of debris. Our experienced team at Newcastle Cut N Drill will ensure your concrete is properly prepped before sealing begins.


Newcastle Cut N Drill uses quality joint sealants and top-of-the-line equipment to make sure your joint sealing is done correctly and effectively.


Get in touch today and schedule joint sealing from Newcastle Cut N Drill to protect your concrete work.

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